Since 1995, Dialexis has been the training institute for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) in the Netherlands. Dialexis trains professionals in DBT, guides teams and therapists, and helps developing, implementing, and organising DBT programmes. The training programmes are constantly adapted to the needs of mental health care and different target groups. Supervision results in certification of individual therapists and trainers, and accreditation of teams is as well possible.

Dialexis is affiliated to Behavioural Tech, a Linehan Institute Training Company.

In addition, Dialexis is registered in the CRKBO.


The board of Dialexis

Hanneke (J.P.A.) van Leeuwen, Msc

Roland (R.) Sinnaeve, MSc

Ursula (U.) Witteveen


New board member

We have good news! Ursula Witteveen has become board member of Dialexis. In addition to her responsibilities as board member, Ursula is taking over the business operations of

New trainers in training

This year, the team of trainers will be further expanded with two new trainers in training. We are proud to announce that Afke van der Hoek and Bregje van

International cooperation

The first week of the intensive training of the Linehan Institute in Moscow was ended with an “around the world handshake”. André Ivanoff led this training together with

Renewal at the secretariat

Dialexis has a new employee at the secretariat since October 15th! Gabriëlle Gortworst joined Dialexis and she is Applied Psychologist. Besides, she is currently studying for a Master's

Publication article

Today a new research article, written by amongst others board members Roland Sinnaeve and Wies van den Bosch, has been published in the journal Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion

Trainers meeting in Seattle

Roland Sinnaeve and Wies van den Bosch are currently on the road to Seattle for an international trainers meeting of the Linehan Instituut! During this meeting they will,