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Review by: Yoray Barak

A review of Marsha's autobiography has been written by Yoray Barak. Click her for: review from Marsha's autobiografie.

Train de Trainer

Skill trainer is a profession! Therefore this specialized developed training. You can still register! Click here    

Change at new year

We wish everyone a happy New Year! Starting the new year there will be a new change at Dialexis. We want to thank Gabrielle Gortworst very warmly for

Book launch

On December 13th, 2019 an interesting book is published! The “Handbook on antisocial behavior and personality disorder” at the picture presented by the three editors; Madeleine Rijckmans, Arno

Introducing two board members

We are happy to introduce Hanneke van Leeuwen and Ursula Witteveen as two of our board members. Hanneke is researcher, DBT therapist and trainer. She gets involved in

New board member

We have good news! Ursula Witteveen has become board member of Dialexis. In addition to her responsibilities as board member, Ursula is taking over the business operations of

New trainers in training

This year, the team of trainers will be further expanded with two new trainers in training. We are proud to announce that Afke van der Hoek and Bregje van

International cooperation

The first week of the intensive training of the Linehan Institute in Moscow was ended with an “around the world handshake”. André Ivanoff led this training together with

Renewal at the secretariat

Dialexis has a new employee at the secretariat since October 15th! Gabriëlle Gortworst joined Dialexis and she is Applied Psychologist. Besides, she is currently studying for a Master's

Publication article

Today a new research article, written by amongst others board members Roland Sinnaeve and Wies van den Bosch, has been published in the journal Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion

Trainers meeting in Seattle

Roland Sinnaeve and Wies van den Bosch are currently on the road to Seattle for an international trainers meeting of the Linehan Instituut! During this meeting they will,

Dialexis team

Our team, consisting of trainers, board members, and front- and back-office employees, are united in their commitment to train professionals in DBT and to develop DBT further. Click on a picture or on the button ‘staff members’ to find out more about the team of Dialexis.

DBT Travel Guide

The supportive app for client and therapist

The supporting app for client and therapist.

DBT Travel Guide contains more than 200 different skills- and mindfulness exercises. The app can provide guidance during crisis moments via the crisis option. There is a ‘think of’ scheme for the DBT therapist, including practical instructions. Moreover, it is possible to write down scheduled appointments between the client and the therapist and to digitally fill in the diarycard.

If you download the Dutch version of the app, you can select English as user language.

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